Course «Design your texts with SEO»

Milan // 05 February 2018
Monday 05 February 2018 to 26 February 2018 Four sessions
Where // Online training school Langue&Parole
Language // Italian Level // Beginner

Tatiana Schirinzi, alias La scribacchina, is an absolute authority on the subject of SEO (


Over the course of four online sessions, she explained how to…

  • optimise content so it is found on search engines by the people who need it
  • formulate an SEO micro-strategy
  • study keywords
  • work on individual articles

How did it go?

I liked this course because:


Tiziana Schirinzi is extremely competent and clearly explains even the most abstract of concepts.


I finally understood how an SEO strategy works, which is actually an in-depth study of the keywords searched for on Google for a particular product or services in a specific language.


Now I know there is no point in trying to «translate a text taking into account that it has been written for SEO» (as expressly requested by certain clients). As the SEO strategy has been developed in a different language, it is essential to identify the keywords that work in the new language/target country and then ask the translator to integrate these specific words into the text.