Article «Prüfen und Verfeinern»

18 May 2018
Friday 18 May 2018
Publisher // technische kommunikation Language // German Level // Beginner

A few months after I attended the Annual Conference of the German Association for Technical Communication, I was asked by the editors of the technical communication journal, «technische kommunikation», to write an article about post-editing.


The result is an outline of the major aspects of a service that is increasing in significance. After defining the key terms, I described the different quality levels, the distinctions from classic proofreading, and the potential scenarios a translator may encounter. The article would not have been complete without digressing briefly to discuss the working environment and the different machine translation systems with their advantages and disadvantages. In the final section of the article, I provided some practical tips for customers and translators and answered the questions I am frequently asked when discussing my experience as a post-editor with colleagues and clients.


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More information on the «technische Kommunikation» journal of the German Association for Technical Communication (tekom) can be found here.