Book «Best practices – Translation and Interpreting»

15 February 2017
Wednesday 15 February 2017
Publisher // BDÜ Weiterbildungs- und Fachverlags GmbH Language // German Level // Advanced

The book «Best practices – Translation and Interpreting» (Best practices – Übersetzen und Dolmetschen), published by the BDÜ Weiterbildungs- und Fachverlagsgesellschaft mbH, offers an overview of the methods, processes and models that in practice have become an established standard and are widely used by industry professionals. It is therefore an important handbook for all stakeholders in the translation and interpreting industry.


My contribution in the chapter on machine translation provides a detailed description of the specific area of post-editing. It includes a list of the most common CAT tools that can be used in this particular field, whereby a distinction is made between the software installed on a computer and that used online. I explain the advantages and disadvantages of both groups so that the reader can decide on the most appropriate tool for his needs.


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