You’re at a bar with a few colleagues who are all talking excitedly about engines, output, neural networks, post-editing…

At a certain point they ask whether you’ve ever worked with machine translations before.
You haven’t got a clue about the subject. A few days later and guess what – a new client asks whether you would be interested in doing a post-editing project. You start asking yourself a million questions: How does it work? What rates should I ask for? What CAT tools do I need to use? A sense of panic takes hold and you turn down the job – and you’ll probably be kicking yourself afterwards.

Instead of avoiding the issue,

why not find out everything you need to know about machine translation and post-editing!

How it works

  1. 1Sign up for one of my workshops. You’ll find the next dates here.
  2. 2I’ll explain all the basics about machine translations:

    • Engines (based on rules, statistics, neural networks)
    • Typical errors and how to correct them
  3. 3I’ll show you how post-editing works:

    • CAT tool to use
    • Working on output
    • Tricks of the trade
    • Useful resources
  4. 4I’ll teach you how to manage a post-editing project and every step in the process:

    • Enquiry
    • Quality control
    • Delivery and feedback
  5. 5We’ll do lots of targeted exercises together.

I also offer

  • Tailored workshops for small groups
  • Company workshops
  • Webinars
I bet the next time you’re at that bar, your colleagues will be pretty impressed with your expertise!
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