Your company regularly writes lots of content that is repetitive and simply structured.

To speed up the translation time, you’ve decided to use a machine translation engine. Now you’re having trouble finding a post-editor, in other words a professional who can check the output of the engine and correct it by applying your company’s quality standards.

This person needs to:

  • have a strong interest in new technology,
  • be familiar with the various machine translation concepts (engines based on rules, statistics and neural networks),
  • recognise typical errors and correct them efficiently,
  • carry out post-editing work according to the standards required by the company,
  • willingly provide feedback on how to optimise the output of the engine in the long term.

Here’s why that person is me

  • I worked in the translation department of one of the world’s leading suppliers of translation technology and language services in England for many years,
  • I have an in-depth knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the various machine translation systems,
  • I’ve been regularly doing post-editing for over 10 years,
  • I organise workshops on post-editing for translators and companies,
  • I enjoy writing articles and talking about post-editing in professional journals and at conferences and conventions.

How I work

  1. 1You send me your enquiry and indicate which engine you want me to use and the level of post-editing required. You also provide an excerpt of the output to give me an idea of the quality.
  2. 2After assessing this information, I will draw up a quote. Once you give me the green light, I will start working.
  3. 3When I have finished the post-editing project, I will send you the file with feedback on the most serious and frequent errors. You can then use this information in order to train your engine.

You can also ask me to

  • Evaluate a pilot project to determine whether it is suitable for machine translation,
  • Test the output of your engine and suggest how to improve it.
Who’s afraid of post-editing? It’s definitely not me!
Let’s work together