You’ve built up your company from the ground and invested every ounce of your energy and passion.

Your revenue grows, your team expands – it’s time for your company to break into international markets. You need to get your website translated, so you ask a friend’s daughter to do you favour – it’ll be great, she did languages at high school!

During a trade fair you meet a potential client.

He wants to try your products, so you give him your business card. A few days later he calls you to complain about your online shop. The product descriptions are imprecise, the terms of payment are incomprehensible and trying to order something is a total nightmare! You’ve made a bad impression. By trying to cut costs, you’ve jeopardised your company’s entire image.

My advice

Next time, don’t take any chances when it comes to translation. Choose a professional.

What I offer you

Professional translations from German into Italian and from English into Italian

In the following fields

technical translations


fashion and clothing

For these types of content

manuals and instructions for use

catalogues and brochures

websites, newsletters, social media


company magazines


How I work

  1. 1You send me your text in digital format and tell me who will read it and the tone you would like it to be expressed in.
    At this stage I need to know whether you have any reference material that could be helpful, for example glossaries or previously translated documents, and whether you have a particular deadline in mind.
  2. 2Once I have all the information and have looked through the text, I will send you an individual quote. Once you give me the green light, I will start working.
  3. 3I will send you a draft translation as soon as possible with any queries highlighted. This will give you time to look at my questions and consult with a colleague if necessary.
  4. 4After checking though the text again, I will send you the final translation with annotations (if applicable). Annotations might be required due to mistakes in the original text, important aspects to be taken into account for the layout or new terms to add to your glossary.

But my work doesn’t end there.
You can also ask me to

  • Check the layout of the documents → graphic designers are not obliged to know every language on the planet!
  • Test the website to check whether the contents are in the right place and that the buttons and links work correctly → just imagine if the text and the images didn’t match up!
  • Work on your company’s terminology → coherent communication is a sign of professionalism.
  • Coordinate projects with multiple languages → that way you only have to interact with a single person.
  • Organise another colleague to read through my translation → perhaps you don’t have the time or the staff for taking care of this.
So when are we going to start working together?
Let’s work together