One day I was translating a newsletter for a German fashion chain that had just opened its first stores in Italy.

The text was basically promoting an item from the summer collection: «Wear this dress, close your eyes and you’ll feel like you’re on holiday in Italy.» Obviously this geographical reference would have been confusing for an Italian reader.
I needed to find an equivalent image that would create the same atmosphere as the original (holiday by the sea in a location abroad).
After identifying the key ingredients, solving the problem wasn’t that difficult – what Italian woman wouldn’t want to flaunt a stylishly chic outfit on the beach in Saint Tropez?

Do you want to make sure your message hits home in another culture?

When it comes to transcreation, you can feel confident that your texts are in good hands with me.

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How I work

  1. 1You send me your text and tell me who it was written for, with what tone of voice you are addressing the reader and whether there are any graphic elements I need to be aware of, for example an advertising image.
  2. 2Once I have all the information and have looked through the text, I will send you an individual quote. Once you give me the green light, I will start working.
  3. 3I will prepare the transcreation, together with notes regarding any aspects that required a greater level of adaptation.
  4. 4For very short texts like slogans or advertising claims, I can provide you with two different versions. In such cases I always attach a «re-translation» back into your language. This way you can make an informed choice about which solution you prefer best (example: slogan in Italian, two versions in English, each of which translated back into Italian).
I look forward to giving your texts a voice in another culture!
Let’s work together