Sara Grizzo


My name is Sara Grizzo, and I help German and English-speaking companies to communicate with customers that only feel comfortable working in Italian.

Do you offer products and services in your country but would like to enter new markets abroad?

Perhaps you’ve already reached out to prospective customers but your texts don’t speak the same language as they do?

If so, you need make sure that your target audience understands exactly what it is your company does. And once you’ve won them over with your dazzling pitch, you also need to make sure they are able to use your products safely and correctly.

In short, you need a top-notch professional translator! Why should that be me?

  1. I “only” translate from English and German into Italian and I “only” specialise in three fields: technical translations, marketing and fashion. I am a firm believer that if you want to offer high-quality work, it’s better to concentrate on doing just a few things really well.

  2. However, if you need a translation from French into German or you work in pharmaceuticals for example, please just ask me. Over the years, I have built up an extensive network of colleagues and have the advantage of living in a big city.

    I can therefore help you to find a professional translator to suit your requirements. Do you have a project that needs translating into multiple languages? I can gladly coordinate this for you, leaving you free to concentrate on other things.

  3. I have been a translator for over ten years. As I have worked with companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries, you can depend on a professional and reliable expert who takes into account your particular requirements and situation.

  4. Impeccably phrased Italian, a tone of voice tailored to your company and a written style that perfectly conveys the content you want to present – these are my top priorities.
    For example, instead of just blindly translating a joke that may well be incredibly funny in German but falls flat in Italian, I adapt the text to make sure it really connects with your customers.

  5. Technology is an integral part of my work. I use all the standard CAT tools (computer-aided translation tools) and I’m not afraid to try out new ones. Having researched and experimented with machine translation for many years, I offer workshops for colleagues and companies where I explain the main aspects of this powerful tool and post-editing.

  • What else should you know about me?

    I live in Munich, but I carry Italy – and Friuli – forever in my heart. When I’m not translating, I enjoy reading epic family sagas and historical crime novels, solving challenging crosswords (yes, the difficult ones with lots of shaded squares and only a handful of intersecting letters to help you out!) and flexing the pedal of my sewing machine.

  • What can I do for you?

    Would you like me to take care of your translation?
    Visit my services page.

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    Would you like to learn about machine translation and post-editing?
    Have a look at my workshops and see what I have written on the subject.