Workshops 2019 «Machine translation and post-editing»

06 July 2019
Saturday 06 July 2019
Language // German Level // Beginner

2019 I will continue to offer my workshop on machine translation and post-editing in various offices of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ).


These are the scheduled dates:


19 January in Munich


18 May in Saarbrücken


6 July in Berlin



14 September in Cologne



9 November in Würzburg



How does machine translation work, who uses it and for what purposes?
What is post-editing and how can I start using it?

My workshop aims to give answers to these questions and provide greater clarity about this new and promising field. I will also offer useful suggestions for starting to work with post-editing in a confident and profitable manner.


By the end of the workshop

  • You will be familiar with the most common machine translation systems in detail and will be able to manage a post-editing assignment from enquiry to delivery.
  • You will have the tools and contents necessary for deepening your knowledge of machine translation and post-editing and will be able to carry out these activities independently.